Software Consultancy

At First Global Consultants Inc., our consultancy services guides you in the electronic world & makes the e-globe go round for you. Our veteran professionals takes care of the risk factors that comes free with web operations and secures all your activities on the web through useful & much needed advices. Amongst many other things we do the following for you:
  • System Design, Development and Implementation
  • Identifying CBPOO (Common Business Problems, Opportunities, and Objectives)
  • Defining and Re-engineering Business Processes
  • Defining and identifying E-Business Solution using E-Commerce tools and OOP
  • Identifying Interrelatedness and Interdependence of Systems
  • Determining Feasibility and Managing Analysis and Design Activities
  • Analyzing Systems Using Data Dictionaries
  • Preparing the Systems Proposal that includes Identifying and
  • Forecasting Costs and Benefit
  • Quality Assurance through Software Engineering TQM)
  • Software Engineering and Documentation
  • Designing Training Strategies to minimize the learning curve
  • Provide Complete Software Training through our highly skilled Software Professionals
  • Help Companies with their Recruitment needs through our Recruitment Division
No matter what help you are seeking, always remember that First Global Consultants Inc. can be your most reliable IT Consultant.