First Global Consultants Inc. understands both concepts and benefits of outsourcing and hence has a dedicated Information Technology Division to handle all the outsourcing needs of its client.

Outsourcing has proved to be a differentiating factor for companies, offering cost, time and quality advantages. Today, it is common practice and we provide a near shore solution with the following competitive advantages:
  • Expertise in latest technology
  • Rapid deployment
  • Lowered Costs
Outsourcing division of First Global Consultants Inc., offers cost-effective services to companies who outsource their software product development. Perfectly suited for extensive Near-shore software product development and remote product support, First Global Consultants Inc. focuses on Rapid Product Development to meet Time to Market requirements of its clients.

Outsourcing Benefits:

Flexibility In Human Resources and Skills-Set
Outsourcing companies like First Global Consultants Inc. has many more projects and can thus manage staffing capacity much more efficiently. Outsourcing allows you to transform your IT budget from a fixed to a variable cost.

Near-shore Software Development is synonymous with flexibility. When facing a large project but of short duration, you can use Near-shore programming to limit the number of new employees and administrative support personnel. First Global Consultants Inc., allows you to double the number of programmers you have access to and better yet, we are just a phone call away.

Cost Benefits
The costs of Near-shore software Development are much lower than hiring programmers to fulfill your design. Our past experience with our international clients makes us very confident that we will deliver the best possible quality, at significant cost savings to you, every time!

Software Outsourcing:
Top Five Strategic Reasons For Software Outsourcing Improve Business Focus

Software Outsourcing allows companies to focus on broader business issues while having operational details assumed by an outside expert.

Gain Access To World Class Capabilities

Software outsourcing providers bring extensive world- class resources to meeting the needs of their customers. Partnering with an organization with world-class capabilities can offer access to new technology, tools and techniques that the organization may not currently possess; more structured methodologies, procedures and documentation; and a competitive advantage through expanded skills. First Global Consultants Inc.’s outsourcing division i.e. OutsourceITtoCanada.com plays a key role in company’s success.

Accelerate Reengineering Benefits

Software Outsourcing is often a by-product of another powerful management tool; business process reengineering. It allows an organization to immediately realize the anticipated benefits of reengineering by having an outside organization one that is already reengineered to world-class standards/process.

Share Risks
There are tremendous risks associated with the investments an organization makes in information technology. When companies outsource they become more flexible, more dynamic and better able to change themselves to meet changing opportunities.