MS Office

Course Contents:
1. Windows XP
2. MS Word
3. MS Excel
4. MS Power Point
5. Project

The operating system is a master Program that takes care of proper functioning of the computer.
Window operating system is a (GUI) Graphical User Interface in which user can click the 'icons' to perform a specific task.
Windows has increased the speed and efficiency of your Computer related tasks.

Salient Features
With Windows, you can work with several Programs at once. You can switch between Programs with a couple of keystrokes or a click of a mouse, reducing the time required to move from one application to another. You can give any name to a file; you are not limited to eight characters with a three-character extension as in DOS. You can even use spaces. Windows now supports the use of drives greater than 2 GB (gigabytes) in capacity. The maximum supported drive size is 2 TB (terabytes).Windows prints your documents "in the background," so you can get back to work quickly after you send your document to the printer.

Nowadays all the software are Windows based

MS Word:
Microsoft Word for Windows is a full-feature Word processor designed to help you work more efficiently. Microsoft Word shows you how to create effective documents using its features. You will learn how to edit, format, print documents, insert and manage tables and graphics into documents.

Salient Features
Easy and Fast Tool to create a one page Letter, a hundred page Report, etc.
You could add Graphics to your Letters and Reports to make it more attractive.
Automatic Spelling check as well as Grammar checks facility.
Freeform Table Draw.
Document Mapping.
You can also link to Excel numbers and Charts.
You can link your Word documents to World Wide Web or Intranet sites

With Word you can create and type Letters, Reports, Memos, Proposals, Newsletters, Brochures, Graphical Presentation, Web pages, etc

MS Excel:
Microsoft Excel for Windows is a powerful electronics spreadsheet application that can be used for managing, analyzing and presenting data in graphical manner.

Salient Features
Excel has three components that perform in three different manners:

1. The Spreadsheet.
2. The Data sheet.
3. The Chart.
Create formulas on worksheets. It's easy and fast.
Enhanced formatting and layout features help you get the printed report or online form with the look you want.
You can quickly find the information you need and create automatic subtotals of your data.
Increased capacity, high-end formatting options, and a mapping feature give you powerful ways to analyze your data visually.
Explore the power of the Internet from your familiar Microsoft Excel spreadsheet.
When you want to analyze data from outside Microsoft Excel, there's no need to retype. In a few keystrokes, you can bring the data right onto your worksheet.

1. Excel is used for preparing Company profiles in the form of Charts and Graphs.
2. Excel stores the accounting spreadsheets in Electronic form.

MS Power Point:
PowerPoint is the most famous and powerful presentation Program. Impressive colorful slide shows can be designed.

Salient Features
1. Quick and Easy, High impact visual to accompany a talk.
2. Fact-filled presentation with plenty of Graphs and Charts.
3. Sophisticated Electronic presentation.
4. You can assemble existing text and graphics from other Microsoft Office Application.
5. You can time your Presentations.
6. You can save as Web Animation.

With Microsoft PowerPoint you can create Company Presentations and Profiles.

Internet is worldwide network of networks with over 400 Million worldwide users. Internet gives you absolute access to information on any subject under the sky.

Why Use The Internet ?
Business: Marketing, selling and publishing product literature world wide.

Professional: Provide and get technical support, bug fixes and product information, communication or collaborate on project in almost zero time.

Students: Information regarding Universities, their rating & procedures for admission all over the world, access to over 40 million library files your own computer.

Communication Power Of The Internet
Makes it possible for you to go roaming (surfing) around the web, from document to document using nothing but their links. All technical features of FireFox and Microsoft Explorer.

You type a message into your computer, and it travels instantly over the network to your specified destination, one or millions.Attaching Text files,Video,Graphics etc. Send attached files to many email.On one click send thousands of emails to friends.

Short for File Transfer Protocol, the protocol for exchanging files over the Internet. FTP works in the same way as HTTP for transferring Web pages from a server to a user's browser and SMTP for transferring electronic mail across the Internet in that, like these technologies, FTP uses the Internet's TCP/IP protocols to enable data transfer.

Make calls from your computer — free to other people on Skype and economical to phones and mobiles around the world.

You can chat LIVE with your friends, relative, business partner etc with a Messenger. You can even make voice calls, view webcam (see the opposite person LIVE on your computer), share photos & videos. Following are the example of Messengers

1. Yahoo Messenger.
2. MSN Messenger.