About Malaysia

Malaysia is a multi-racial and multicultural melting pot with a cosmopolitan population made up of Malays, Chinese, Indians and numerous ethnic groups. It has 11 states in the peninsula of Malaysia and two states on the northern part of Borneo.

Malaysia is famous for its cool hideaways, colorful festivals, sandy beaches, humid mangroves and delicious food. Malaysians are laid back, warm and friendly. One of country's key attractions is its extreme contrasts. Towering skyscrapers gaze down upon wooden houses built on stilts, and five-star hotels sit several meters away from ancient reefs.

Being a multi-racial country, you will learn how to live in harmonious environment and have a better understanding of different cultures. The significance of the country will provide you the opportunity to discover Asia while studying and to earn more about the true essence of Asia.

Study in Malaysia

Malaysia offers world-class educational opportunities to students, with a wide choice in terms of qualifications, courses, institutions and locations. Language is not a barrier as the medium of instruction is in English. Together with the high education standards applied to academic institutions that cater to international students, Malaysia is able to meet the discerning needs of the international student market.

The internationalization of its curriculum has generated greater confidence in students selecting Malaysia as their education destination. Malaysia is an excellent country to study in not only because of its rich history and fascinating culture, but also for the ever increasing importance of the region itself. Students in the capital city will find themselves in the heart of one of the most exciting, up-and-coming urban centers in the region.

Institutions in Malaysia

  • Monash University, Malaysia Campus
  • The University of Nottingham, Malaysia Campus
  • Swinburne University of Technology, Sarawak Campus
  • Taylor's University
  • Sunway University
  • KDU University College
  • Disted College
  • HELP University College
  • UCSI University
  • SEGi University College
  • Lim Kok Wing University of Creative Technology
  • ALFA College
  • Kolej Tuanku Ja'afar
  • Raffles College of Higher Education
  • Han Chiang College 16. Equator Academy of Art

Why Study in Malaysia

Malaysia offers a wide range of study options that are more cost-friendly than other countries in the world. With strong support from the Government of Malaysia and qualifications from world-renowned university partners, the nation's education arena today ensures students can reap maximum benefits for their future career path.

Malaysia is moving into the next stage of its economic development and is one of the fastest growing economies in the world. It has the ability to provide a career orientated courses in its higher education institutions. Most of the education institutions have strong links and networks with the professional workplaces to maintain its relevancy for its graduates in the market place. The low living cost in Malaysia is one of the big factors of increasing interest of students choosing Malaysia as their study destination.