English Language Skills Program

The English Language Skills Program is designed for professionals who have basic to advanced English language skills. The program is comprised of 23 courses developed to improve all aspects of English language communication and includes courses in:
  • Pronunciation
  • Basic and advanced grammar
  • Vocabulary development
  • Vocabulary development
  • Conversation
  • Group communication
  • Reading
Needs Assessment
Before participating in the English Language Skills Program, the language skills of each student are assessed through standardized and course-specific tests that reveal each individuals' strengths and weaknesses. These test results are discussed with the individuals in terms of the benefits each course offers them.


American Culture: Readings, Conversation, and Presentation

American Culture: Readings, Conversation, and Presentation provides an examination of various aspects of and perspectives on American culture and society in both the professional and personal arena. The readings present an overview of various issues regarding traditions and customs and verbal and non-verbal communication across the United States. The focus is on both social and cultural similarities and variations throughout the country.

Each class is centered around the student presentation of assigned course readings and student-lead discussions of the topics presented. Students individually present to the class an oral summary of the information contained in assigned readings in order to develop and practice presentation skills in a small group setting. Following each presentation, the instructor gives the presenter feedback about pronunciation, grammar, and vocabulary. Feedback is also given about each student's presentation style, after which the presenter leads a short group discussion about the content of his or her presentation.

Some of the topics addressed in this course are: American attitudes toward daily life; personal hygiene; cultural perspectives on the media; sports and recreation; environmental concerns; political, educational, and economic institutions. Attention is also given to interacting and communicating with Americans privately, publicly, and in the workplace.

About this course
  • For students who want a General English Language course at a leading London University
  • Study for between one and nine months to suit your needs
  • Meet and study with students from all over the world in an academic environment 15 hours per week classroom teaching (one teaching hour = 55 minutes) as well as an independent learning programme, afternoon conversation classes and social programme.
  • If your level of English is quite high, that of upper-intermediate or above, at certain times of the year you may be placed in a class studying both general and academic English
  • If your level of English is quite high, that of upper-intermediate or above, at certain times of the year you may be placed in a class studying both general and academic English
  • Includes membership of the University students' Union which runs student societies and holds cultural, sporting and social events.
Entry Qualifications
  • Suitable for students from pre-intermediate to advanced levels
  • If necessary, we can send you an English test so we can check your level before you start your course
  • If you have an IELTS, TOEFL or TOEIC result or have taken any Cambridge exams before, please let us know about this on the application form
Course Content
  • Develop your speaking skills in a variety of situations
  • Improve your vocabulary and grammar
  • Improve your pronunciation
  • Develop your listening and reading skills
  • Improve your writing skills
  • Improve your independent learning skills and complete self-study tasks in our Language Centre
  • Plan and complete group work projects
  • Regular one-to-one tutorials
  • Take part in our conversation clubs
  • Take part in discussions in class and online
  • Learn how to give presentations in English
  • Get to know other students on social activities